CozyCradle Baby Mittens

Wrap your little one's hands in the ultimate warmth and comfort with our adorable baby mittens. Crafted with soft, high-quality materials, these mittens are designed to keep tiny fingers cozy and safe. Experience the joy of watching your baby explore the world while staying snug and stylish.

Choose our baby mittens for moments filled with warmth and smiles.

CozyCradle Baby Mittens

Features & Materials

100% Organic Cotton

Elevate comfort with our baby mittens, crafted from 100% organic cotton. Softness and warmth, naturally.


Gentle on soft skin, our baby mittens offer scratch-resistant comfort.

Machine Washable

Convenience meets comfort – our baby mittens are machine washable for effortless care.

Gentle Elastic Design

Designed for comfort: Our baby mittens feature a gentle elastic band that stays cozy without binding.

Designed for 0-12 Month Olds

From newborn snuggles to playful moments, our baby mittens are expertly designed to fit and comfort little hands aged 0-12 months.

  • Baby Pink

  • Sand Brown

  • Grey

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